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Custom Toy Design

We do take custom commissions for entirely new and unique toy designs so feel free to contact us with the details of what you were looking for to see if we're available.


Information to include in initial contact would be: 

  • Rough sketches, references or descriptions of the design you are interested in

  • Rough idea on sizing for the final toy

  • A reasonable Timeline for the project. This is art and it can be finnicky. It gets done at its own pace.

What we charge for custom designs

The actual rates will depend on the project details & timeline, but we break costs down into the following categories. 

Modeling Cost

The cost for us to produce a master/positive.


A flat-rate fee will be negotiated based on size and intricacy of design.
If an hourly rate is preferred we can accommodate 

What we include in the cost: Three revisions on the design with previews sent along the way. Any additional revisions or significant changes to the design may require renegotiation of the modeling cost

Molding Cost

Materials and time cost for us to produce the 3d printed master and make a mold for the final toy

Final Toy Cost

The cost for the final product you will receive. 

One of A Kind vs First of it's Kind

If the design we are working on is a single casting of a toy it will be significantly more expensive. If, however this is a model we will then be carrying in our shop, though you will receive the first of it's kind, we can usually lower the manufacturing costs significantly

What do you receive?

Unless negotiated otherwise, you will receive a finished toy in the colors and firmness you requested.


If you’re only interested in a digital design, Mold or a 3d printed and finished master we can accomodate your needs.


How does a custom commission work?

Let us know what you wanted to have designed, we’ll give you a quote and if you are satisfied with our discussion, we’ll send an invoice for the work. 

To begin a project, We normally take a 50% upfront, non-refundable deposit for the modeling work.

The remaining 50% is due on completion of the model.

For each additional stage of the project (mold making, pouring the final toy) 100% of the cost will be due prior to continuing working. 

We will send updates regularly to get feedback and make sure our work and your vision align. 

Once the modeling is finished and both parties agree to move forward, We will start 3d printing of the masters, make the molds, do the final pour, and then get back to you with pictures of the first pour of the project. 

Custom design commissions are treated like custom pours and include a complimentary repour if you don’t like the first pour.

The only difference is for exclusive/one-off designs. If a repour is requested, we reserve the right to sell the rejected pour in our shop after the project is complete, but will not sell any additional castings. 


Changes to project scope

Changes to the project that exceed the workload of the original agreement may require an additional fee, which will be negotiated before any work continues on the project.

If an acceptable price can’t be agreed upon, the project can be canceled if you so choose. 


Examples of such changes may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Drastic changes the measurements or scale of the toy post printing

  • Adding additional texture/detail that wasn’t discussed prior to included revisions

  • Significant changes to parts of the model that were already approved

  • Excessive revisions


Cancelling a Project & Refunds

A project can be canceled at any time. Refunds are given at our discretion and are not guaranteed. 

As a general rule, we don’t offer refunds for work that has already been completed, so if you decide after the mold is made you don’t want the finished toy, the mold fee won’t be refunded, but if you cancel a project before any work has started, We can usually offer a full refund. 

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